Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

1 day / 9:30-17:30

Romania / International

Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

1 day / 9:30-17:30



Offline / Online: you and your colleagues bring your laptops and we learn alternative methods of searching and approaching IT candidates. At the end of the workshop you will have a list of potential candidates.

  • The workshop can take place online or offline at your office, or in any other place of your choosing.
  • The materials are in editable electronic format & ready to use after the workshop.
  • 100% practical and interactive (individual exercises, templates, videos and tools).

✔ Do you want to develop or update the candidate search strategy used in your company? We offer you consultancy services and support for implementation (contact us for an offer).

Workshop Agenda

We design it together with you. The duration of the workshop varies, depending on the topics chosen.

(* this agenda covers 1 day of workshop/ 8h per day)

We learn together:

  • To create a research strategy for recruiting IT candidates;
  • The importance of keywords and how to use them in active searching;
  • Boolean Search and how to look for profiles/ CV’s on LinkedIn and Google;
  • Platforms used only by IT candidates (GitHub, Stack Overflow, MeetUp etc.);
  • Super online hacks and tools that save you time and help you look for candidates;
  • How to write impactful emails or messages in order to present the job opportunity and benefits to the targeted IT passive candidates.


✔  We build and apply in real-time the active search strategy for IT candidates.


At the end of the lab you keep the workshop materials in electronic format and you will have:

  • The search strategy for both active and passive IT candidates;
  • A list of potential candidates you can approach at the end of the workshop;
  • A list of target companies for the IT role you are recruiting for;
  • A list of alternative research platforms and channels where you can find the right candidates;
  • Tools to verify the candidate information (e-mail addresses/online profiles etc.);
  • A template message that you can use to present the job opportunity to candidates.


Raisa Oprea

Trainer & Consultancy

Collaborating Trainer @My HR Lab and Recruiter Freelancer, with over 10 years of experience in the HR field, with exposure to various activities related to recruitment and constant focus on IT Recruitment since 2015.


This 1 day interactive workshop is dedicated to HR specialists, hiring managers and to everyone else involved in recruitment processes for IT roles.