Since 2015 we help companies to redefine HR processes. We apply the best mix of agile & design thinking methods, always with a friendly-creative attitude and a digital mindset.

Candidate Experience

We have assisted over 2500 hiring managers & HR professionals in defining and redesigning important touchpoints in the candidate journey process by applying best employer branding strategies.

Onboarding Experience

Over 40 companies have redesigned their onboarding strategies, developing gamified induction days, creative mentor or buddy programs, agile journey maps, and out-of-the-box welcoming kits.

Employee Experience

In the past 8 years, we've helped more than 350 multinational & local companies to engage their employees in 100% interactive learning and development programs, employer brand initiatives, and customized performance management processes.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE for any of the above HR topics or you have other ideas that you would like to implement, let’s talk! Contact us at office@myhrlab.com.