Let's design creative HR actions and strategies, using a fresh and out of the box approach!

Candidate experience

We assist you in designing your candidates’ experience, from the recruitment advert and strategies of searching and attracting talents through various channels, to the interviewing experience, feedback and the hiring managers’ experience throughout the entire recruitment process.

Employer Branding

We help you develop and improve your image as an employer - surveys, identifying the EVP (employee value proposition), brand ambassadors, company's pages in social media, the carrier site, creative employer branding campaigns, online and offline.

Creative HR projects

We assist you in designing creatively: referrals, onboarding, coworker assessment & development, talent spotting, performance management and outplacement programs.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE for any of the above HR topics or you have other ideas that you would like to implement, let’s talk! Contact us at [email protected]