Group / One to one

Maximum 10 participants

1 day / 09:30 - 17:30

Romania / International

Group / One to one

Maximum 10 participants

1 day / 09:30 - 17:30



Offline / Online: you and your colleagues use your laptops and learn how to creatively promote the employer’s brand strategies to engage the audience on social media channels.

  • The workshop can take place online or offline at your office.
  • The materials are in editable electronic format and ready to use after the workshop.
  • 100% practical and interactive (individual/group exercises, videos, templates, and case studies
    from participants’ experience).

✔Do you want to develop your employer’s image for your company? We provide consultancy services and assistance in both the design and implementation phases (reach out and ask for an offer).

Workshop Agenda

We design it together with you. The duration of the workshop varies, depending on the topics chosen.

(* this agenda covers 1 day of workshop / 8h per day)

We learn together:

  • Social media channels audit – the current employer’s brand presence;
  • How to define and/or adjust the social media strategy when promoting an employer’s image;
  • Tips & tricks for using the personal brand when promoting an employer’s brand;
  • How to build a brand ambassadors community – the role of the employees in promoting the company’s brand;
  • How to use LinkedIn and Facebook for promoting the employer’s brand:
    • How to create a publishing plan;
    • How to use groups in social media;
    • How to promote the recruitment ad (free or sponsored);
    • How to write creative posts;
  • How to promote the employer’s image through video and photo content on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest;
  • Social media platform management – integrated tools that save time.

✔We work in real time strategies to promote the employer’s brand image in social media.


At the end of the workshop, you keep the materials in a digital format and you will have:

  • A strategy for promoting the employer image in social media;
  • Best practices (case studies) from Romania and from abroad;
  • A publishing plan for Facebook and LinkedIn pages;
  • A DO’s & DON’Ts list for promoting the employer image in social media;
  • Target list of relevant groups for promoting the recruitment ad and the employer image;
  • Online tools for promoting the employer brand.


Beatrice Galațanu

Owner & Trainer

I am the owner, trainer, and consultant at My HR Lab. I have 16 years of experience in human resources and have developed and delivered training programs for the last 11 years.


This 1-day interactive workshop is dedicated to HR and Employer Branding specialists and managers, professionals from internal communications, learning and development, marketing, and social media. Additionally, it’s beneficial for leaders engaged in hiring and representing the company’s identity and job opportunities.