Alina Stroe

About myself

Social media professional and digital marketer in the making, I have 7 years of customer service experience and 8 years of community & social media management. @My HR Lab I promote the online and offline brand image.

I joined this project with great enthusiasm, and after 8 years, we still have our creative and innovative energy. At the same time, we’re having fun. I like that we manage to build a human business, always open to new ideas. And the know-how we have and continuously develop is accompanied by humor and cheerfulness.

I like to

  • promote creative & honest projects;
  • help and connect people;
  • volunteer for the causes I believe in;
  • solve problems and discover creative solutions;
  • go by one saying: better done than perfect;
  • go to the cinema.


  • Internal communication;
  • Online strategies;
  • Community management;
  • Facebook & LinkedIn campaigns;
  • Social media addict;
  • Customer service;
  • Customer experience.