Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

2 days / 6h day 10:00-16:00

Romania / International

Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

2 days / 6h day 10:00-16:00



Offline / Online: you and your colleagues bring your laptops and we learn how to build a creative onboarding experience for your new employees. At the end of the workshop you leave with a creative onboarding strategy.

  • The workshop can take place online sau offline at your office, or in any other place of your choosing.
  • The materials are in editable electronic format & ready to use after the workshop.
  • 100% practical and interactive (individual / groups exercises & role-plays, videos, case studies from participants’ experience).

 ✔ Do you want to build an efficient and creative onboarding plan for your organisation? We offer you consultancy services and support for design and implementation (contact us for an offer).

Workshop Agenda

We design it together with you. The duration of the workshop varies, depending on the topics chosen.

(* this agenda covers 2 days of workshop/ 6h per day)

We learn together:

  • How to design the onboarding process so that we achieve engagement and retention from the beginning;
  • Generations: learning styles, behavioural types, motivations and how we take them into account in the onboarding process;
  • To build the personas for the new employee, manager and the team in order to customise the integration experience;
  • Employee experience: at organisational, team and individual level and how to help our new colleague to adapt to the new responsibilities;
  • The role of HR, the direct manager and the team in integrating new employees;
  • To customise a learning and development plan according to the role’s specifics and to the organisational culture;
  • Types of onboarding systems depending on organisational culture;
  • What creative methods and tools can be used in the onboarding process: online vs. offline solutions, digital vs. human approach;
  • The use of gamification processes in the onboarding experience.

✔  We work in real-time the onboarding strategy of your new colleagues.


At the end of the lab you keep the workshop materials in electronic format and you will have:

  • The strategy for designing a creative onboarding experience;
  • A list of “DO’s and DON’Ts” before and after the arrival of the new employee in the company;
  • Persona templates for the team, the manager and the new employee;
  • A plan for the first onboarding week;
  • Creative ideas of welcome kit;
  • Templates for structuring the onboarding plan and the actions for the new employee and for the departments involved in the process;
  • A feedback form that can be used after 30 – 90 days from onboarding;
  • Checklists to help you track the actions of the new employee and of the other stakeholders involved in the process.


Beatrice Galațanu

Owner & Trainer

I am the owner, trainer, and consultant at My HR Lab. I have 16 years of experience in human resources and have developed and delivered training programs for the last 11 years.


This interactive workshop of a maximum of 2 days is dedicated to specialists and managers in HR, hiring managers, and to everyone else involved in the onboarding processes.