Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

1 day or 2 days / 9:30-15:30

Romania / International

Group / One to One

maximum 10 participants

1 day or 2 days / 9:30-15:30



Offline / Online: you and your colleagues bring your laptops and learn to build a memorable experience for all the candidates involved in your recruitment processes.

  • The workshop can take place online or offline at your office.
  • The materials are in editable electronic format & ready to use after the workshop.
  • 100% practical and interactive (individual/group exercises, videos, templates, and case studies from participants’ experience).


✔ Do you want to build a memorable and “out of the box” candidate experience strategy for your company? We offer you consultancy services and support for design and implementation (contact us for an offer).

Workshop Agenda

We design it together with you. The duration of the workshop varies, depending on the topics chosen.

(* this agenda covers 2 days of workshop / 6h per day)

We learn together:

  • To audit all the candidate’s experience stages: pre-application (awareness, consideration & interest), application, selection (interviews), employment (offer and pre-onboarding);
  • How to build a candidate journey map in each of these stages;
  • To build the candidate personas for the roles you are recruiting for;
  • How to use and mix various communication channels (online & offline) depending on the candidate’s experience stage;
  • How to effectively involve the people with whom the candidate interacts during the recruitment process;
  • What valuable data and resources to share with the candidate throughout the experience;
  • The importance of technology and how to use it in order to optimize the candidate’s experience;
  • Online tools that help us create a pleasant experience for the candidates.

 We work the candidate experience strategy in real-time for your recruiting roles. 


At the end of the lab, you will keep the workshop materials in electronic format, and you will have the following:

  • A candidate journey map for the roles you are recruiting for;
  • A list of DO’s and DON’Ts to create an enjoyable experience for your candidates;
  • Candidate persona templates for the roles you are recruiting for;
  • Templates of emails and questionnaires to address candidates;
  • Best practices (case studies) in Romania and abroad;
  • Creative candidate experience ideas;
  • List of online tools to help you build the candidate’s experience.


Beatrice Galațanu

Owner & trainer

I am the owner, trainer, and consultant at My HR Lab. I have 16 years of experience in human resources and have developed and delivered training programs for the last 11 years.


This interactive workshop of a maximum of 2 days is dedicated to juniors, specialists, and managers in HR & Employer Branding, Internal communication, Marketing, or Social Media professionals, and also to managers involved in recruitment processes and in promoting the company’s roles and image.