Salomeea Florea

About myself

I started working in HR 10 years ago, when employer branding was unknown to many people. I joined the only company that was doing EB in Romania at that moment, and for me it seemed like the coolest field to work in. Now I do the same thing, so it seems I like it a lot.

In all these years I worked in HR, I had many close friends:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other similar tools that I use in the most difficult moments of my recruiter life. I also have real life friends with whom I usually travel to the seaside.

Meanwhile, I discovered another field that I like a lot: career counseling. This gives me a lot of energy and brings me lots of thanks.


  • Defining and implementing employer branding campaigns;
  • Recruitment through Social Media;
  • High potentials recruitment;
  • Career counseling;
  • Onboarding.