maximum 10 participants

2h 30min

Remote / Virtual


maximum 10 participants

2h 30min



Remote/ Virtually: you and your colleagues use your laptops and for 2h 30’ we generate together innovative ideas and solutions for your HR projects and activities by applying methods and techniques from creative industries.

  • At the end you will have creative methods for generating solutions and a kit of templates & tools that you can apply in your HR processes;
  • 100% applicable know-how through individual and group exercises, templates & tools;
  • The materials are in editable electronic format & ready to use after the microlearning session.


✔ Do you want to identify and develop creative solutions for the HR processes in your company? We offer you consultancy services and support in this initiative (contact us for an offer).


We learn together:

  • What does “creativity” mean and how to dismantle myths related to this concept;
  • How to exercise our creativity and to generate innovative solutions starting from the problems we want to solve;
  • Different methods for brainstorming and generating “out of the box” solutions;
  • Free websites and digital tools that can help us in the innovation process;
  • Offline tools that we can use to generate creative ideas (mind mapping, post-its, photos, storyboards, drawings, sketches, etc.).


✔ At the end of the microlearning session you will have an applicable know-how and a kit of methods, templates & tools that you can creatively use in your HR processes.


You keep the learning materials in electronic format and you will have a digital kit that contains:

  • A guide of DO’s and DON’Ts in the process of identifying creative solutions;
  • Online & offline research methods to generate creative ideas;
  • A list of online & offline tools to help you represent and generate your creative ideas;
  • A list of brainstorming methods that you can apply in your innovation meetings.


Beatrice Galațanu

Owner & Trainer

I am the owner, trainer, and consultant at My HR Lab. I have 16 years of experience in human resources and have developed and delivered training programs for the last 11 years.


This microlearning session is dedicated to juniors, specialists and managers in HR, to Employer Branding and Internal Communication specialists and to everyone else involved in HR processes.