Beatrice Galațanu

About myself

Owner, trainer and consultant @My HR Lab, I have 12 years of experience in human resources and in the last 8 years I’ve been developing and delivering training programs.

I launched My HR Lab in 2015 and, together with the team, I change the way HR specialists, managers and all persons involved in human resources processes learn: practical, interactive and friendly, without PowerPoint materials and manuals.

I believe in the “learning by doing” method and, besides the training programs, I deliver consultancy to companies that want to develop creative HR projects (e.g. agile performance management, onboarding, candidate experience, employer branding).

I like to

  • connect to people active in various domains;
  • discover new things about technology;
  • volunteer in educational projects (I collaborate with the Global Dignity Association, the Leaders Foundation and Google Digital Workshop);
  • apply the career counseling knowledge that I acquired through the GCDF certification.


Besides all that is new in HR, I’m passionate and I can talk about indie movies, new technology, LEGO, snowboarding, business ideas, free online tools for graphic design and numerous Google Chrome extensions that can make your life easier.


  • Workshop development and delivery;
  • Building creative HR processes (candidate experience, onboarding, agile performance management, employer branding etc.);
  • Executive search – Headhunting;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Market & Talent mapping;
  • Feedback 360;
  • Developing and deploying assessment and development centers;
  • Career and recruitment counseling programs.